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For Immediate Release

August 10, 2002

Reparations Now!
You Owe us! You Must Pay Up!

The Haitian Coalition for Justice joins its forces to the "Millions for Reparations" movement launched by our African-American brothers and sisters. This movement is to exact reparations for the sweat and blood of our ancestors, extracted from Africa, who toiled the lands of the Americas as slaves and made the white man rich. Their forced and free labor provided the economic foundation for the US capitalist system which today seeks the domination of the world.

At the UN conference on racism held in South Africa last year, resolutions were passed and among them, the condemnation of slavery, past and present, as a crime against humanity. This modern definition of slavery means that there are no statutes of limitation on this crime. We Haitians are well aware of the toll the so-called "debt of independence" we paid to France continues to take on our country. We plan to enjoin our own demands for reparations from the French to the "Millions for Reparations" movement.

The Reparations movement is asking all people of African ancestry to state their resolve with one unequivocal voice to the descendants of our slavers: You owe us! You must pay up!

We are heading to Washington, DC this coming Saturday, August 17th which is the anniversary of Marcus Garvey's birthday, to participate in this major mobilization to set the Reparations movement on its way to victory. We are organizing buses and we invite everyone to "Get on the Bus" and be part of this historic event.

The Haitian Coalition bus is leaving Saturday morning August 17th at 6am sharp from our office at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Ditmas Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. To reserve your seat on our bus call us at 718-284-2255 or email us at: Haitiancoalitionforjustice@yahoo.com.