How to Help

Help in E-mail Campaign for Reparations!
Send E-mail to New York City Council members.

For example:

Dear Council Member, I am a white high school teacher in Miami, FL who heard about Councilman Charles Barron's Reparations Resolution. I teach my children to be fair and anti-racist individuals and want all children to have the same opportunities they do. Please act to give all children equal opportunity and all parents and elders justice. I think it is an important piece of legislation and I urge you to support it.


The first order of business is to get the Resolution passed in the Government Operations Committee where it is now. This 9-member Committee is Chaired by Bill Perkins and has 2 more Black members, (Phil Reed and Leroy Comrie) but the other 6 members are white. There is already one white woman on the Committee, Christine Quinn, who supports it, but we need to get at least one more for it to pass. The 2 who we think have a good chance of being persuaded to vote for it are Eva Moskowitz and Michael Nelson. These are the 2 people it is most crucial we all contact. Their email addresses are:

Then, if you can do more, the other white members on the Committee are: (thank her for her support to keep her strong and sure she's doing the right thing)

Here are the Latino and Asian brothers and sisters. Except the very first, Ruben Diaz, they're pretty certain to vote for the Resolution, but again, it can only do good if you let them know where you stand. (Rev. Diaz is a minister and he has not committed to signing this resolution. If you are a person of faith, explain to him why your faith strengthens your commitment to reparations.)

And these are the rest of the white City Council Members in the order of how likely they are to support the Resolution, with the best at the top and the ones we hold out little hope for at the bottom.

Finally, show solidarity with the Council Members of African descent who are all in favor of the Resolution and write to:

And last but not least, let Councilperson Charles Barron know you support him, and you appreciate his tremendous work sponsoring this resolution! Contact him at

Donations needed!

Make checks and money orders payable to "The Code Foundation". In the Memo line put "Reparations". The Code Foundation is a 501(c)3. Please send to:

Millions Demand Reparations
New York Organizing Committee
456 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Any questions? Just call Millions for Reparations at 718-443-2223; toll free (866) 817-5729.